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rawr_graphics's Journal

Rawr Graphics
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Allo, & welcome to rawr_graphics. Maintained by Debbie // tehdebbeh. Here I will post mostly icons - plus the occasional header, wallpaper, or whatever. I do take requests. Although my graphics aren't exactly the best. I try, though. Suggestions are always appreciated. Gotta have some inspiration, people! Please, please, please, FOLLOW THE RULES. If you don't, you will be blacklisted. And if you like what you see, feel free to join / friend the community. & If you must know, rawr is derived from one of my nicknames: Deborawr. I also tend to use the word a lot.


COMMENT - It's nice to know who will be using my stuff. Positive feedback & constructive criticism are LOVE.
CREDIT - Because i took the time to make this stuff. You should at least say I made it. Don't claim it as your own.
NO HOTLINKIN' - It's just wrong. If you use up my bandwidth, then it's not fair to others who want to view my stuff.
DON'T TAMPER - Leave things the way they are unless I say it's okay to edit. I may change something for you, if you ask nicely.


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